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2018 (Novel)

The Hectic Headspace of Abigail Squall
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2017 (Screenplay)

The Circle
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2014 (Novel)

The Buzz Building

Born 1969 in Elderslie, photographer and writer Scott O'Neill misspent his childhood exploring the hills and shores of the Isle of Bute where he can now be found misspending his adulthood in exactly the same places.

After graduating from the Surrey Institute of Art & Design with a degree in Pinball Wizardry (Third Class) Scott hurried for the door marked ‘Rock Superstardom’ only to have it slammed firmly shut when The Halcyon Days imploded after a career spanning one and half songs and three rehearsals. The time had come to explore other avenues. Many of those avenues proved to be dark, foreboding thoroughfares leading to misadventures in administration, photographic manipulation, parcel separation and public space observation.  Then, one chillsome, drizzle-veiled night, he happened upon a sheet of damp foolscap and a broken HB pencil. Scott smuggled these treasures inside the welcoming, beery warmth of The Fusty Mariner and began to scribble. The resulting novel The Buzz Building was released to the world in 2014.

Since that time, the pencil has become yet stubbier having been put to further good use in writing the screenplay for the cult horror movie The Circle (directed by Peter Callow) which premiered in London, 2017. After a thorough sharpening in 2018, Old Stubby produced a second novel - The Hectic Headspace of Abigail Squall.

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