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Cover design: Peter Callow

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"The top of her head felt matted and tacky to the touch. Bashed and leaking. Like the pineapple. Leaking her own red juice. She wanted to laugh but it hurt too much... "


So hot! The Scottish seaside town of Balemouth Bay has never experienced such a heatwave. But there is trouble in paradise. Someone is dropping fruit from the bridge on to unsuspecting heads below. Abigail's unsuspecting head is lost in thought, recalling the day she cradled her dying mother in her arms. The hit and run driver is still out there. Somewhere...

The pineapple bomb hits its target. The blow transforms Abigail’s traumatised mind into a powerful radio receiver, subjecting her to a relentless invasion of rapid-fire news, music and chatter as every broadcast in the atmosphere crams inside her headspace until the blistering volume threatens to split her skull apart. But just as she slips towards insanity, a familiar voice cuts through the chaos:


“Hello Pookie! Any requests?”


Granddad’s ghost has a plan; to fix her broken family and end the brain-shredding noise, she must slay the dragon - a dragon that looks remarkably similar to the town’s brand new transmitter.

ISBN: 9781983059612
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