The Hectic Headspace of Abigail Squall
(Novel: 2018)

The top of her head felt matted and tacky to the touch. Bashed and leaking. Like the pineapple. Leaking her own red juice. She wanted to laugh but it hurt too much...

ABI SQUALL HiRes (alt author)_edited.jpg

The Circle
(Screenplay: 2017)

"Death's shadow rises into eternal night.

He tears our flesh and devours our bones. I am alone and alone I will die"

circle poster.jpg

The Buzz Building

(Novel: 2014)

Haig Dumfries must pay one last visit to The Buzz Building, his secret childhood den, before the cop, the psychopath or his own failing heart can stop him.

buzz cover copy.jpg

Patiently Waiting For Fred

(Short Story: 2019)

Fred liked watching television.

Fred had always liked watching television. Fred particularly enjoyed watching shite television.

Fred’s voice made Buddy’s ears itch.